suggs is named after her husband and if she changed her name, her
husband may not be able to find her.

The circumstances are different from day today. So how should we face
those changes? For some people, changes may also mean challenges, so
they stand still and are reluctant to accept the new. In this way, they
can feel safe. On the contrary, some other people are very eager to
learn about those new products, keeping pace with the fashion.

Guiding Questions

不常看到John Denver一首小诗。

3.In the carnival,when Denver was surrounded by a crowed of people who
pleased her enough to consider the possibility that Paul.D wasn’t all
that bad,why did Denver change her attitude towards Paul.D?

Besides, it’s also important to make some changes to our own
personalities. Only in this way, can we adapt to the society and acquire
a better life. It doesn’t mean that we should change to be another man.
We just change what we are rather than who we are. Everyday we can
choose to be a fresh man and make progresses. When we overcome
difficulties, we will get happiness as a reward. At the same time, we
get changed and become more mature. So don’t be afraid of challenges. If
you are brave, anything will be easy to solve. Try to change the way you
think, you will get more. Try to do things you didn’t dare to, you will
learn more.


Today is the first day of the rest of my life,
I wake as a child to see the world begin.
澳门新葡8455最新网站,On monarch wings and birthday wonderings,
want to put on faces,
walk in the wet and cold.
And look forward to my growing old,
to grow is to change,
to change is to be new,
to be new is to be young again,
I barely remember when.
                                            —-John Denver

After the arrival of beloved, Denver felt that she got new company and
liked Beloved a lot. So when she discovered Paul D was skeptical of
Beloved’s identify, she wanted to protect Beloved, thus turned her back
on him.

This is an era of changing. There are millions of new things coming out
everyday. With the rapid development of high technologies, we witnessed
big changes in our daily life, which can be exemplified by the use of
our telephones. Do you remember the last phone you bought? When did you
buy it and when did you replace it with a new one? You may find that you
weed it out so soon. It’s not because of its bad quality but because of
the evolution of the telephone market. Without exaggeration, a phone
manufactured last year is regarded as an antique today.

If something hard cracks, or if you crack it, it becomes
slightly damaged, with lines appearing on its surface. 使…破裂; 破裂

2.In the flash back, we can see the white girl-Amy’s various deeds
toward Sethe. What do you think are reasons that Sethe  named the
new-born baby after Amy Denver? (except for the reason of helping Sethe
with her  baby delivering)

Life is like a bike. It tends to be balanced when moving forward and
fall down when stopping. So keep changing is a positive attitude we
should have. Now I expect changes in my life and I will encourage myself
to make some changes everyday. Can you imagine what the world will be
like tomorrow and what I will grow up to be in the future?

week 2 #beloved(90-180)

  1. When Denver first had quarrel with Paul D and asked when would he
    leave, Sethe apologiezed to Paul D, and Paul D asked her why she said
    sorry on behalf of Denver. Later, when Beloved showed her great devotion
    to Sethe, Sethe felt Beloved was too dependent on her and meanwhile feel
    happy since Sethe had great compassion and compunction toward her. This
    is really interesting to Chinese readers since I feel quite normal that
    most parents are too protective and enjoy the feelings of  connected to
    their children at any time. We are not advanced than colored people, and
    maybe we are still confined by our own limitations and self-contentment.

In my opinion, what we should do is to change ourselves with the times
and even lead some reforms. New knowledge should be learnt at any time.
In fact, we will get many interesting discoveries when we keep our eyes
open. What’s more, great conveniences are to be brought about in you our
life such as the popular microblog. It’s not necessary for us to be a
fashionable man, but we should observe the changes taking place in the
world. Then we can benefit from them and learn from them.

原文:Three of them dismounted, one stayed in the saddle, his rifle
ready, his eyes trained away from the house to the left and to the
right, because likely as not the fugitive would make a dash for

1 bit 马嚼子


原文:Denver bought horehound, licorice, peppermint and lemonade at a
table manned by a little whitegirl in ladies’ high-topped shoes.

4.How did Denver change her attitude towards Paul D?

澳门新葡8455最新网站 1

咱俩常见纯熟的情趣是神庙、佛寺,可是那在原版的书文中指的是太阳穴,She grabs
the hair at her temples.

1.why does Baby Suggs insisted on calling herself Baby Suggs instead of
Jenny Whitlow?

原文:…when she woke, mud-caked, on the banks of the Ohio.

Maybe a good wish that hope Denver could be as beautiful, brave and free
as whitewoman. And in this novel, Denver represents the new generation
of coloredwomen.

…Halle, who had never drawn one free breath, knew that there was
nothing like it in this world.


  1. man v. 操控 (机器等); 控制 (某地)

In this novel we can see that Denver is lonely and wants company, so
when Paul D  showed enough friendless to her and spent all the money he
got to buy sweets and other things for her, she was grateful and


week 2 #beloved(90-180)

If you man something such as a place or machine, you operate it or
are in charge of it. 

When Paul D witnessed the tragedy happened on Sethe, he cannot talk
because he had a bit in his mouth. This is really horrible that people
treat black people as animals, which echoed the truth that they fucked
goats. They were mistreated for too long and they were unable to break
their bondage physically and mentally.

例句:”Mr. Smith manned the reception desk in the morning”

  1. skip a meal
  1. chore